We are a full-service skin cancer clinic, meaning we see patients from first presentation for a skin check or with a concerning lesion or mole, and do our own assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up all on site. 

If any treatment is needed we use a tailored approach, will clearly explain the options and make a plan that suits you. 

We are happy to see new patients with or without a GP referral. 


Mole & skin lesion checks

Full skin examinations

Certified dermoscopy

Digital monitoring

MOLE & SKIN CHECKS - Mole & skin lesion checksFull skin examinationsCertified dermoscopyDigital monitoring

Skin Cancer - Screening and Diagnosis

We offer 'spot checks' of single or a few skin lesions of concern, or full body skin checks.

Our doctors have advanced training in dermoscopy (skin surface microscopy) which is the gold standard for examining skin lesions, and much more accurate than simple visual checks. 

We use dermoscopy coupled with the latest skin imaging software to thoroughly check your skin and identify any suspicious looking moles or other lesions. 

Any lesions of concern are photographed and can be magnified onto a large screen, allowing very early signs of melanoma and other skin cancer to be identified. 

We provide on-the-spot feedback and advice during your consultation. If a concerning lesion is found, you will be able to discuss the treatment options and next steps during your appointment. 

Images are then securely stored for future comparison and monitoring.


Mole removal

Minor & complex skin surgery

Flaps & skin grafts

Topical treatments

SKIN CANCER TREATMENT - Mole removalMinor & complex skin surgeryFlaps & skin graftsTopical treatments

Skin Cancer - Medical and Surgical Treatment

We specialise in the medical and surgical management of skin cancer including:

  • Minor skin surgery: skin biopsies, mole removal, skin excisions. 
  • Advanced skin surgery: including flap reconstructions, wedge excisions and skin grafts of nearly all body areas including the face, scalp and lower legs. 
  • Topical treatments: cryotherapy ("freezing" with liquid nitrogen), topical chemotherapy creams.

We have a fully-equipped surgical treatment room on-site, and use the latest surgical equipment and techniques. 

All skin surgery is done under local anaesthetic enabling you to return home following the procedure. 

All follow-up care (e.g, suture removal, dressings, results discussion) is routinely provided at the clinic.





Eczema etc

GENERAL DERMATOLOGY - PsoriasisAcneRosaceaEczema etc

General Dermatology

Dr Marcia Sonneveld (GPSI Dermatology) is happy to see patients for assessment and treatment of any skin condition such as :

EczemaDermatitisAcneInflammatory conditions
PsoriasisRosaceaRashesOther skin disorders

Appointments can be made with or without a GP referral, and we will send a correspondence letter back to your GP if you wish.